Abusive Tactics Used By Some Debt Collectors

Please contact us to post abusive tactics used by debt collectors.

National Credit Acceptance

Tactic: National Credit Acceptance (a.k.a. N.C.A. Financial, Inc) located in Sacramento, CA has engaged in caller ID spoofing in an attempt to get debtors to answer the phone. Often times, National Credit Acceptance will spoof your own home phone number; you think a family member is calling you and it turns out to be a debt collector.

Violation: May be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) � 807. False or misleading representations.


---- beginning of fax ----

N.C.A Financial, Inc.
1731 Howe Ave., Suite 254
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 800-258-6520
Fax: 916-364-0699

Please expedite!


Attn: Your Employer

Reference number:



Attention: (Any Human Resource Person found on company website)

We are currently in the process of preparing a credit account file on the above named individual. Please supply the information requested below as quickly as possible. This information will be kept in strict confidence and use for verification purposes only.
Date of Hire: ______________Last Day (if applicable): ______________
Number of hours per week: ______________Permanent/Temporary: ______________
Position/Job Title: ______________Department: ______________
Salary/Rate of Pay: ______________Current Wage Garnishment:Yes/No
Payroll Address: ___________________________
Physical Work Address: ________________________________________________

Please verify if residence information is still current as per your files:
Address: (the current address they have on file) Yes/No Phone: (the current phone number they have on file) Yes/No
Verify by: ___________________ Position: _________________ Date: _______________


---- end of fax ----

Violation: May be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) � 807 � 805. Communication in connection with debt collection (b) COMMUNICATION WITH THIRD PARTIES. May also be violating state laws regulating consumer collection agencies, such as in the State of Florida, FL. Statutes. 559.72(4).    

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